oboe, piano (ca. 8")

Performed at the University of Colorado Boulder on January 30th, 2019. Grace Stringfellow, oboe; Barbie Noyes, piano.

Embark is a reflection on the beginning of a new chapter in my life, in three short “vignettes” or “landscapes”. The first movement, Aria, depicts the hopeful excitement of the first steps away from home, towards the bright unknown. The second movement, Meditation, is for unaccompanied oboe, and reflects upon the feelings of loneliness during times of change, and the various excitements and disappointments along the path to new beginnings. The final movement, Dancing, is a wild and carefree celebration of “unreasonable happiness”, of finding profound joy in situations which might otherwise be mundane or even somber. May its unapologetic optimism and excited playfulness (verging on mania) bring a smile to the faces of the audience by the last frantic trill.