string quartet ~10"

Performed by the Playground Ensemble on April 14th, 2018 at the King Center in Denver.

This piece is my very first formal composition, composed when I was 15. Each movement depicts the ocean in a different perspective.

The first movement is inspired by the Philip Glass quartets, whose surname also contributed to the title of the piece. In the movement, I expressed how the ocean feels to a fisherman in a small boat. Rocking waves are represented by a "sound braid" in the 2nd violin, viola, and cello.

The second movement depicts the solitude of an ocean at night. The first theme represents the night sky, the second, small ripples in the surface of the water. The movement concludes with the depiction of reflection by having the two themes played simultaneously.

The third movement tells the story of a large storm and the urgency of a ship crew preparing themselves for the onslaught. The 7/8 meter and constant viola notes create a sense of grim determination.

The fourth movement, played attacca, is the relief after the storm. The ship may be weakened and the crew tired, but the simple, repeating accompaniment shows their determination has not been lost.