String Quartet No. 1 "Clarity" - 10 min (2015)

This piece was inspired by the way an ocean looks and behaves in different circumstances. The first movement is an homage to Philip Glass' third string quartet, "Mishima". I envisioned how the ocean would feel to a fisherman in a small boat. Waves are represented by a sound braid in the 2nd violin, viola, and cello.

The second movement depicts the solitude of an ocean at night, under a full moon. The first theme represents the full moon, the second, small ripples in the surface of the water. The movement concludes with the depiction of reflection by having the two themes played simultaneously.

The third movement tells the story of a large storm and the urgency of a ship crew preparing for the onslaught. The 7/8 meter and constant viola notes create motion and support the fearful and frantic situation.

The fourth movement is the relief and proud confidence that comes from surviving a stressful or dangerous situation, through the metaphor of the sea after a storm. Rainwater streaks from the sides of a boat as it sails onward, having passed the torrent.

Background Image by Morris Photography